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KPMG x OWN Academy

Spend a week
with a global giant

For a high school/university student or a recent graduate,
here is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Learn by solving real-world problems with KPMG Hong Kong

Spend a week with KPMG Hong Kong partners from anywhere in the world and solve industry-based global business problems in the spaces of Tax, Audit, Advisory & CSR.
  • Learn the Basics of Tax, Audit & Advisory
  • Conference with KPMG Partners
  • Solve Business & CSR Challenges
  • Submit a Team Project to KPMG Hong Kong
  • Receive a Timeless Certificate

Your Week with KPMG

Day 0 | 24th July | 4 PM to 5 PM HKT

Meet your Team and Pre-Work for the Project with OWN Academy

By the end of the week-long program, you will submit a team project to the KPMG Hong Kong. On Day Zero, you will be introduced to your particular team so that you can kickstart the prep for the project.

Day 1 | 26th July | 9 AM to 1 PM HKT

Conference with Jackie Lee, Director KPMG Hong Kong and Your 1st Challenge

Start your program with the Director Jackie Lee from Hong Kong who handles the CSR of KPMG. Learn about a global giant's corporate responsibilities and solve a real challenge with your team on CSR related business of the company.

Day 2 | 27th July | 9 AM to 1 PM HKT

Conference with Derek Yuen, People & Audit Partner KPMG and Your 2nd Challenge

On your second day, you will learn about Auditing- what it means, the skills required to do the job, the kind of problems that you face in the job, how to be a good auditor and more! Solve a real challenge with your team on Audit related business of the company.

Day 3 | 28th July | 9 AM to 1 PM HKT

Conference with Eugene Yeung, Tax People Partner KPMG and Your 3rd Challenge

On day third, you will get to conference with Eugene yeung who will take your thorugh the world of Taxation, how taxation laws are applied across different countries, the different kinds of taxes and it impacts individuals, corporates, governments and world organisations.

Day 4 | 29th July | 9 AM to 1 PM HKT

Conference with Edna Wong, Advisory People Partner KPMG and Your 4th Challenge

On day four, you will understand about what is advisory, the roles Big Four play in helping organisations around the world grow. You will also understand what kind of problems do growing corporates face in their businesses and how accounting and advisory can solve those problems for them. you will ennd your day with presenting the solution to the problem statement proposed by Edna.

Day 5 | 30th July | 9 AM to 1 PM HKT

Leave a Mark with your Final Presentation to Rocco Li, Senior Manager KPMG - Campus Recruitment

On your final day of the week, you will wrap up your whole project alomgwith the support of OWN Academy's Project Management experts and present your final work to the Senior Manager at KPMG who handles 'Campus Recruitment' and the brains behind this program.





The most exciting week
of your career starts in

Registrations are now closed

We spoke with KPMG Heads for you and they said

that they would be happy to give a chance to all the outstanding participants of this program to apply and be considered for a bona fide internship at KPMG Hong Kong.

One time only!

3,500 HKD

The original fee for this program is 3,500 HKD.
But OWN Academy team along with KPMG Hong Kong are allowing participants to sign up for this pilot program at only 1,000 HKD.

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