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Corporate Sustainability

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The word 'Sustainability' seems to be entrenched in today's business and even lifestyle jargon. If you're passionate about the environment and love looking for ways to make your lifestyle sustainable, then this course is for you.

In this program, you will go through a step by step corporate sustainability masterclass where you'll interpret case studies and implement sustainability strategies for potential clients.

Industry Coach: Bertha Shum

Course Breakdown:

Day 1: How is our Earth doing?

  • Introduction to the environmental problems that we are currently facing and how they affect us

Day 2: Can we help our environment and make money?

  • The business case for sustainability, the need for sustainability leadership in businesses

Day 3: What are consumers looking for?

  • Discussion on how consumption patterns have changed and are geared more towards sustainable production

Day 4: What are the steps in making a business sustainable?

  • Introduction to ESG, the importance of design and planning, ways to find sustainable solutions

Day 5: How are other companies implementing sustainability strategies?

  • Case studies of different, big corporations making big changes for a better world

**Time and date of classes are subject to change