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Financial Services

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Thinking of Finance as a career path? Even if you're not good with numbers, you might just be surprised at all the possible career options Finance has. In this course, you will understand the way money moves around the world through different parts of the financial services industry. Discover all the possible career paths in finance and learn how to make your money work for you by doing practical exercises in stock picking and personal finance planning.

Industry Coach: Jennifer Hsieh


Course Breakdown:

Day 1: 

  • Introduction to the financial services industry

Day 2:

  • Deeper dive into the 'buy-side' of financial services
  • Kick-off stock-picking project or personal financial planning project (student's choice)

Day 3:

  • Deeper dive into the 'sell-side' of financial services

Day 4:

  • Deeper dive into other aspects of the financial services industry, such as insurance, retail/commercial banking, fintech, etc.

Day 5:

  • Student presentations and discussions

**Time and date of classes are subject to change