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Event Planning

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Behind the glamour of Hollywood parties and romantic weddings, there is an event planner who makes the magic happen. In this course, you'll get to create your own mood board, identify your own style, understand the logistics and challenges of being an event planner, and even get to work with real clients and partners.

Industry Coach: Leanne Lam

Course Breakdown:

Day 1: Introduction to Event Planning

  • Misconceptions about the industry
  • Expectations vs reality
  • Day to day of an event planner and the skills that go into it
  • Assignment of event brief for the final project

Day 2: Brainstorm + Research

  • Brainstorming a theme that matches the client’s brief
  • Using Pinterest/Instagram hashtags to find out the latest trends
  • Mood board creations using Canva's templates
  • Visual layouts and color aesthetics tips

Day 3: Sourcing

  • Sourcing items for events
  • Spreadsheet creation to compare the pros and cons of various product
  • Email draft to ask a company for their quotation

Day 4: Customer Service

  • Study real-life scenarios of client communications
  • Learn how to respond in a professional manner in verbal and in text
  • Communication skills including bargaining and up-selling
  • Examples of real-life communications during emergency situations (e.g. extreme weather, COVID-19, accidents around the venue, etc.)
  • Logistic planning and arrangements, including rundown, guest list, checklist
  • Contingency plans

Day 5: Unleashing Hands-on Creativity

  • Making decorations

**Time and date of classes are subject to change