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Biology, genes, and DNA are some concepts we're all familiar with. But if you've ever wondered about their application outside of the classroom and are interested in exploring a career in this field, this course will help you see the value of science beyond school.

One of the wonders of knowledge is our collective understanding of life and the giant molecules that essentially drive all life, known as DNA. Since its discovery in the last century, it was been widely studied and experimented with resulting in astonishing potential in healthcare and various industrial uses. In this course, you'll dive into the microscopic world of DNA and explore its various practical and real-life applications.

Industry Coach: Syed Shakeel Ahmed


Course Breakdown:

Day 1: Brief history of modern-day technology and its impact on humans, with a focus on biological and microbiological technologies.

Day 2: Overview of genes, genetics, and DNA, and how scientists analyze them (practical work with digitized DNA sequences)

Day 3: How DNA is used for understanding viruses

Day 4: How a biotech startup relies on genetic information to help combat fish fraud and emerging DNA applications

Day 5: Other types of biotech initiatives and pharmaceuticals, notes for the future of human biotechnology

**Time and date of classes are subject to change