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Fascinated with architecture, buildings, and design? Get your creative hardhats on and find out how the architecture industry has changed over the past few years with technology. In this course, you'll learn the latest technology tools in the field of architecture and get to design and model a high rise building or your own dream house the way professionals do it.

Industry Coach: Jorge Gil

Course Breakdown:

Day 1:  Intro to architecture and the design principles of architecture. 

Day 2: Practice basic design techniques such as planning, space sketching, and modeling.

Day 3: Based on the given challenge, research, and ideate on the architecture. Introduction to the architecture digital tool 

Day 4: Implement design into digital tools.

Day 5 5: Create a final showpiece with digital modeling & Showcase an architectural project for feedback.

Software needed: Archicad / Sketchup & Twinmotion

*Course fee does not include licensing fees for software. Classes are usually run with a free trial version.

**Time and date of classes are subject to change