Frankie Ng | Shopify

Hong Kong Lead at Shopify

Product Profile: Embroidery Designs | BMT Micro, Inc. Instagram Random Comments – SMM Lords

Industry: Digital E-commerce

Personality Type: Diplomats | Protagonist | ENFJ

Hobbies: Muay Thai, DJ at small events, Used to play too much video games in high school 

University: Wilfrid Laurier University

Major: Bachelor's of Business Administration - Finance & Entrepreneurship

Short Bio:

At age 14, my first job was selling door-to-door for 10 hours a day. That hustle has carried me through a varied experience in my career across Management Consulting, CPG, and now E-Commerce. This helped me to realize my passion, which is solving problems at the intersection of retail and technology at a global-scale. At Shopify, I'm leading the platform's expansion in Hong Kong and building an ecosystem for all entrepreneurs to succeed.