Diogo Andrade | Spotify

Head of Automation at Spotify

Product Profile: Embroidery Designs | BMT Micro, Inc. Instagram Random Comments – SMM Lords

Industry: Advertising Media & Tech

Personality Type: Diplomats | Campaigner | ENFP

Hobbies: Music, Wine, Reading, Movies, Politics and Sports (football, MotoGP, NBA)

University: Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao

Major: Management degree

Short Bio:

Passionate about people & advertising from a young age, I have worked in the media & advertising industry for over 14 years, based in 5 countries with scopes spanning across all Europe and APAC. I currently lead the Automation Business for Spotify and I’m part of the IAB SEA+IN Programmatic Committee (2019 & 2020); In addition, I’m a recurring teacher at New Campus and I’m on the board of Advisors for SACA – a Singaporean NGO helping ex-offenders and their families in the rehabilitation process.

I love a challenge, a good laugh, nice wine and a warm hug. I have always thrived in multi-cultural environments, feel comfortable nurturing relationships across different levels of seniority and really enjoy bringing people together.