Christine Ieong | Facebook

Technical Program Manager at Facebook

Product Profile: Embroidery Designs | BMT Micro, Inc. Instagram Random Comments – SMM Lords

Industry: Technology - Ads

Personality Type: Sentinels | Defender | ISFJ

Hobbies: Outside of work, I love exploring, hiking, and traveling with my husband and two daughters. Hobbies also include graphic design and photography. 

 University: Iowa State University, Universidad de Extremadura (Caceres, Spain - Exchange), National University of Singapore (Exchange)

Major: Civil Engineering, Secondary major in Spanish Language


Short Bio:

Hi! I am a Technical Program Manager at Facebook currently based in Singapore, working in the Integrity organization to ensure our platforms are safe for our users. I graduated as a Civil Engineer from Iowa State University and grew up in the middle of the United States. I have a wide range of experience as I was an Engineering Program Manager at Apple (San Francisco, CA) and an Aircraft Interiors Project Manager and Engineer at Boeing (Seattle, WA).

I am passionate about helping young professionals be the best versions of themselves through gaining confidence, and practicing and improving skills. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and lessons learned on the transition from college to career when navigating unknown territory.